When registering or editing a user you will need to ensure they are given permission to access the module.  You can do this in Admin/Manage Users. 

Add a new user by clicking the 'New User' icon.

Complete the registration form and click register.

Once you are ready for your users to access insightQ , you will need to send them a link to this article . It will guide them on how to login and reset their password

To remove or add access to a module at a later date simply click on the 'Edit User' icon and tick or untick the appropriate module tick box.

You can continue to do this with all your users until you have used up your licence allocation for the module.  When you have utilised your licence allocation a message will appear to say 'You have reached your maximum user count for this module'.  In this instance please contact your Customer Service Executive via the chat to organise an upgrade on your licences.

If you are setting up and would like to lock access to users, please click here to learn about how to lock access.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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