Release date: 06.10.19

A) Changes to Observe and Enquire 

A1) New field type to the template creator

You asked us for a multi-select field type in your template creator so that you could include a checklist in your observation and enquiry forms. So you can now add this to your template(s) and take advantage of a multi-field checklist.

A2) Dashboard interval options

Many of you have asked us for a 6 month interval option on your dashboards.  This has now been added and you can now run your dashboard for 1,3,6 and 12 months.

A3) New dashboard button

Note for for observers
To ensure you can gain quicker access to obsevee records with less clicks we have moved your list of observees to your main page.

A4) Change of terminology

During module induction and demonstrations, many of our Enquire and Observe clients used the terminology Sampling Strategy rather than Sampling Profile so we have made this change for you.

The functionality remains unchanged.  It will still help you set up a frequency of activity which will automatically schedule when your observations and enquiries are due.  

For example; you may want to observe teaching and learning practice once per month for a practitioner who is new to the organisation and then once they need less support move them over to  a less frequent schedule.  

A5) Manage observees and review areas

The ensure the manage observee and review areas feature is more recognisable we have changed the rosette icon.

A6) Adding a new assessment which is not part of an existing schedule

The new assessment icon is now located underneath the Scheduled Observations/Enquiry title. 

This feature should only be used if you are adding any extra assessments and reviews over and above the ones scheduled.  To complete a scheduled assessment, please use the one shown in the scheduled observations list first.  By doing this you are logging a planned activity so that the system can schedule the next one due. For example; if you complete the Assessment shown below on the 27/10/19 and you have set the system to repeat these every month when you complete this, the system will automatically schedule another one for 27/11/19.

B) Changes to Enquire only

B1) Enquiry Calendar Icon

We have made the Enquiry Calendar icon visible on more pages of this module to help you easily navigate between the pages.  The Enquiry Calendar can be accessed by clicking on this new icon.

As always. if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

If you are not currently subscribed to Observe or Enquire and would like to find out more, please drop me a message to 

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