Once your licences for Observe have been approved you can now get started.  

Please note: Creating observation templates is a feature only available to Administrators and Observe Super User; if you cannot see this icon and have been asked to set-up templates talk to your administrator.  

Click on the Edit Templates icon to start creating you observation template.

Select New Template icon 

When you create new templates you have the ability to attach this to an assessment category.  This will help you group all your different templates.  For example; you may observe teaching and learning in the classroom as well as in the workplace.  You may use the same template for both but if you don't you can create two different types of templates and attach them both to the category assessment.

Click here to learn how to  import some of our complimentary templates.

Once you have given your template a name it is time to start building.  Start by deciding if you want to grade this type of observation.  If you do, tick the box and start adding your grade profile.  

Your grade profile for example could be:

  • Significant areas for development

  • Some areas for development

  • Minor areas for development

PLEASE NOTE: it is recommended that you use the same grading profile across all your template types in order to produce meaningful information on your dashboard

Top tip! - When creating your templates you don't need a field for observee name, observer name or any form of action plan as the system will automatically provide this feature when you complete the activity.

Add new fields to build your template.  Once each template is created it will be added to your list of assessment templates.

Give your field a name and select your field type. 

Top tip!
When first starting out, it is useful to create a practice template, select one of each field types.  This will help you understand the differences so that you can select the most appropriate ones when you come to build your future templates.

Here is an example.

Once you have selected all your fields you can edit as approparite

View your template change history

Easily disable your template by clicking on the Disable icon.

Don't forget, every-time you save you will be asked to explain what has changed.

 can easy import fields from other templates and then edit appropriately.

Simply create your template click Import Template icon and decide if you want to copy across the grade, fields or both.  You can import from several templates the delete or edit what you don't need.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to use your online chat.

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