Now you can start to create your review areas. Click on manage review areas.

Adding in your areas of enquiry is simple, just click on the New Review Area icon.  You can then create as many areas as you wish.  See the screenshot below. 

If you add an area by mistake you can delete it by clicking on the delete icon. This will only delete the area if you have no activity assigned to it.

You can edit your area titles at any time.

You now need to give users permission to access these areas.  You do this by clicking on the Reviewer Management icon

You can now add your reviewers for the individual selected and allocate permissions.  If you leave these permissions empty the individual can still read the enquiry  reports and action plans.  They can also contribute by adding notes.

We recommend that you tick the Assign to all review categories  to save you from having to add these individually on the next screen.

As already explained, you can edit these permissions and delete an reviewer at any time by clicking the appropriate icon highlighted below.


If you forgot assign to all enquiry categories you can manually add them. Only the specified categories will show up when the reviewer looks at their schedule.

Simply go into edit reviewer as seen in the screenshot above and add you categories from the list.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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