Your local administrator(s) give permissions to access many of the features and views within Evaluate, they may have decided to not include some features to reflect your local processes. Please discuss any queries regarding your settings with them.

Within Progress View  you may have permission to edit the overall Executive Summary for your organisations self evaluations report and/or the Scope of Provision for the custom areas you own or contribute towards. 

Editing the Scope of Provision
The Scope of Provision can be used to add a summary explanation or introduction to the self-evaluation for an area of your self-evaluation report. This typically includes but is not limited to:

  • Subject area(s) you deliver

  • Participation data

  • Details about the team delivering in this area

If you have permission to edit the Scope of Provision the icon (highlighted below) will show in the icon menu. If you cannot see the icon and have been asked to contribute to this, you will need to contact your administrator who will review your permissions.

The editor will open a new view with up to 3 tabs. This may include a section for an Evaluative Statement, Key Findings or Summary and an overall Grade for that area. 

Your administrator can choose to rename or switch off any of these tabs to suit your organisation.

You can also include notes, attachments and external links.  

Watch this video for a guide to completing Scope of Provision...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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