In insightQ, you can set many areas to ensure the system is fully bespoke to your organisation. To set-up your areas, it’s useful first to establish how you wish to evaluate yourself, for example, department, geographical area or programme type etc...

Once you have clearly defined your structure for self-assessment, click Admin then the Custom Area icon.

Click ‘Add’

Create an area

Type in your area title then click OK, your new area will appear in a list.

Edit an area

To change your area title, click on the title you wish to change, select Edit Area , change text and click OK.

Delete an area

To delete a Custom Area, use the delete icon shown below.  Please note: If you have used the area or have users assigned to the area, you will not be able to delete it.  In this instance you will either have to clear all text and users or archive the area. 

Add in sub areas

To add in subareas ensure you have clicked on the area you need first. Then click the add icon to create your new sub area title.  

You can can clearly see where you have created sub areas as the primary area will have a small grey plus icon next to it.  Click on the primary area to see them

Reorder areas

If you want your self-assessment report or your improvement plan areas to print in a particular order.  Use the icon shown below to sort your order and save this.

Archive an area

Archive can be used when you don't want to fully delete an area but are no longer allocated this to a member of your team.  To archive click on the area, as seen below in blue and click then archive.  

Restoring an archived area

If you archive an area by mistake or wish to restore it then go to your Custom Areas - archived list.  Please note: when restoring areas you will need to check your manage user permissions settings to ensure the right users are allocated correctly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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