Linking an activity to another custom area

One of the benefits of using Improve is that you can enter your Activity once and  link  this to another area. For example, The Leadership Team may be working on a large project, which will impact on many areas/departments. By using the link feature you are able to communicate this project to those area/departments so that they can see the progress and potential impact of the improvement. 

To take advantage of this feature:

Click on the link icon from your Activity Page.

Click on the ‘Add’ icon. 

This will bring up your ‘Area Explorer'

Select the area you wish to link and click OK

Once you have clicked OK the area will show as linked in your list.  To link your activity to more than one plan just repeat steps

NB – Linked activities can only be edited in the area they were created.

Copy an activity to another custom area

As an alternative to link, you also have a copy feature.  This is particularly useful if you have the same project for multiple plans.  This feature allows you to copy the activity to another plan and once achieved the activity can be edited to suit the timescales priorities and accountability in the area it has been copied to.   Please note: you cannot copy (duplicate) the same activity in the same area.

Click on the copy icon from your Activity Page.

Select the area and follow the instructions

You can decide to copy the activity with or without tasks.  

NB: Assigning without tasks will allow the new accountable person the freedom to set out tasks appropriate to their own starting point.  For example; you may have two departments, both needing to set up  resources which help learners contextualise their maths study.  The Care team may not have anything in place so are starting from scratch whereas  the Engineering team already have the course material partly mapped to the workbooks so just have to review this.  

Unlike linking where you can sent the activity into multiple plans at the same time.  Copy is achieved plan by plan as you need to assign responsibility.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to via chat.

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