Welcome to our insightQ Evaluate module.  If you have been allocated the task of setting-up your organisation. This work-plan will guide you through all the fundamental articles to help you get up and running.  

If time is limited and you would like the mesma Team to support with your set-up, please contact support@mesma.co.uk, we will be happy to discuss our set-up service.

The administrators will need to first set-up your users on insightQ, allocate the appropriate role and assign the Evaluate module.

Step 1

You need to start by creating your custom areas

Step 2

Add your user to insightQ .  If you want to learn more about the insightQ roles click here 

Once set up the administrator can get started.

Step 3

Allocate the custom area

Step 4

Allocate permissions

Your user should now be assigned to the right custom area with permission level appropriate to their role.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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