At present we currently have a defined list of tags but don't worry, in the future we will be implementing a feature to allow you to customise tags locally.

We don't have a timeline for this but its definitely in the Wishlist.

There is a pre-set list of tags to help you group your areas for improvement into categories/ themes.

  • Achievement of KPIs

  • Awarding body requirements

  • Diverse recruitment to support youth/ employment

  • Employer involvement

  • Employer satisfaction data

  • Equality groups

  • Induction

  • Initial assessment

  • Innovation and change

  • Learner progress

  • learner satisfaction data

  • Learning and assessment planning

  • Management and support of staff

  • Management of subcontractors

  • Partnerships to support transitions/ progression

  • Quality assurance

  • Resources

  • Self assessment

  • Staff development

  • Transferable skills

  • Use of LMI

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